Chris, Hutch and Pillar Wealth Management

One of our best-ever decisions: turning to Hutch Ashoo and Chris Snyder at Pillar for financial guidance. My wife Bonnie and I were introduced to them in 2009 when we sold our small tech company and retired. Baffled by the complexities of managing our modest finances to ensure a safe and comfortable retirement, we interviewed several “wealth management” candidates and were most impressed by Hutch and Chris. Chris has been our financial advisor and managed our investment portfolio with solid results ever since.

We greatly appreciate the guidance and services provided by Chris and the entire Pillar organization over the years. Chris has educated us as necessary. We receive regular reports and have productive review meetings with him, and he’s been readily and consistently available by phone and email when we’ve needed immediate input on a topic. His cogent and calm advice has reduced our stress, at least regarding our finances, so that we can worry about other things, like what travel to plan for next year!

Thanks, Chris, et al!

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