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Welcome to a comprehensive review of Morgan Stanley High Net Worth Services. In this piece, we intend to drill down the details of the nuanced, sophisticated financial solutions and customized strategies offered by Morgan Stanley to their wealthy clientele. Being a beacon within the financial industry, Morgan Stanley caters to the unique needs of high-net-worth individuals through a suite of services that grow and preserve wealth. What Morgan Stanley offers to its clients, in a bid to guide them through the intricacies of wealth management, is joining a tailor-made approach and expert guidance.

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How Pillar's High Net Worth Financial Planning Process Is Different
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Multi-Family Office For Ultra-High Net Worth Families
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Founder & Managing Member Pillar Wealth Management
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About Morgan Stanley High Net Worth

At Morgan Stanley Family Wealth Group, we cater to a prestigious and varied client base, including eminent entrepreneurs, top-tier corporate leaders, and forefront figures in sectors like venture capital, private equity, tech, and real estate, across the nation. Our seasoned team, boasting over eight decades of collective expertise, is dedicated to the financial stewardship of around 60 families, managing assets surpassing $5 billion.

Testimonial From Satisfied Clients

Our core mission is to elevate our clients' financial prosperity by offering meticulous investment oversight, estate planning, asset distribution, and tax strategy. We provide customized counsel and specialized services, echoing a family office's efficiency, tailored to each client's unique needs. Our proficiency in the Ultra High Net Worth domain enables us to forge all-encompassing, integrative wealth management solutions, tackling every facet of our client's finances with precision and ensuring their flawless implementation.

Guided by the acclaimed Robert Stolar, our team has earned a distinguished spot in the financial industry, acknowledged by notable publications such as Barron’s, Forbes, and the Financial Times. Recently, we were honored as one of Barron's Top 50 Private Wealth Management teams in 2023.

We are eager to learn more about you and your family and delve into the myriad ways we can assist you in realizing your objectives, including safeguarding and augmenting your wealth.

Why Morgan Stanley High Net Worth?

Why Morgan Stanley High Net Worth?

When you chooses Morgan Stanley for your financial needs, you are choosing a firm, but you are also choosing a partner deeply committed to the success of your financial life. Here are four reasons why Morgan Stanley's wealth management stands apart:

Serving with Meaning

Morgan Stanley unites as a cohesive team, combining individuals, cutting-edge technology, and profound expertise to serve your needs. As a distinguished global entity in financial services, we offer a broad spectrum of services, including financial counseling, asset management, market analysis, investment banking, and beyond. Whether you're venturing into the investment world, taking your enterprise public, or somewhere on that spectrum, we're here to assist you.

Morgan Stanley stands at the forefront of advising, originating, trading, managing, and distributing capital for individuals, governments, and institutions, consistently upholding a standard of excellence and adhering to our fundamental principles.

We're committed to delivering premier service to our clients, which reflects our pledge to contribute to a sustainable future and build robust communities globally. Across every aspect of our business, we aim to showcase our belief in the transformative power of innovative thought, pioneering strategies, and advanced solutions—underscoring our conviction that capital can and should serve the greater good of society.

Assistance with Insight

At Morgan Stanley, we prioritize attentive listening to ensure we fully grasp your individual needs, enabling us to provide solutions that are tailored for you. Our Financial Advisors travel with our clients along every aspect of their financial path amid fluctuating market conditions, assisting in setting attainable objectives, crafting bespoke strategies, and maintaining course.

Your financial voyage is distinctly yours, reflecting the personalized nature of the Morgan Stanley Client Experience®. With a foundation of proven expertise, our Financial Advisors are dedicated to providing client-focused service and excellence, always acting with your best interests at heart to assist in achieving your crucial life objectives.

Embracing the Morgan Stanley Client Experience® signifies entering a space where listening takes precedence over speaking, where understanding your unique persona and investment profile is paramount. This approach allows us to furnish you with tailored insights and strategies designed to propel you toward your financial aspirations. Explore the difference the Morgan Stanley Client Experience can make in your financial journey.

Uncovering the Hidden Advantage

Through a blend of innovation, dedication, and foresight, we guide our clients in unveiling future opportunities. By interpreting and integrating trends and data, we transform them into practical concepts and insights. This enables you to understand how various factors like market dynamics, technological advancements, and international affairs could shape your investment approaches. Furthermore, we delve deeper, considering economic indicators, societal shifts, and environmental factors to provide a comprehensive view that not only informs but also empowers your strategic investment decisions, offering a clear path through the complexities of the financial landscape.

Gateway to Novel Routes

Leveraging our comprehensive data analytics and extensive international network, we offer our clients the key to unlocking fresh opportunities. Benefit from our detailed, timely examinations of corporations, sectors, markets, and the global economy, conducted by expert analysts across the globe. Our worldwide perspective equips us to be an influential ally in your financial journey.

With that commitment, Morgan Stanley sees itself at the forefront of investment analysis, conducting timely and comprehensive research on companies, industries, global markets, and economic trends. It is an in-depth insight that provides a precise positioning from which our clients may navigate, allowing them to make informed decisions harnessing potential emerging trends and opportunities within the new investment landscapes.

Entry to Exclusive Offerings

Entry to Exclusive Offerings

Our approach involves crafting a bespoke wealth management blueprint that aligns precisely with your aspirations—formulating methods that allocate assets, facilitate wealth transition, mitigate risks, amplify philanthropic contributions, lessen family discord, and elevate your lifestyle. Additionally, it expands your network to include institutional resources, financial experts, industry pioneers, and peers with similar interests, all aimed at delivering holistic, customized strategies tailored just for you.

Diverse Investment Options

At the absolute cutting edge of highly developed alternative investment solutions, our group is devoted to providing unique and tailor-made programs for our ultra-high-net-worth customer base. Our experience spans private equity to tangible assets, private credit to hedge funds, and digital assets, with an objective to create diversified investment portfolios.

Alternative investments represent a class beyond the conventional avenue of stocks and bonds, unlocking distinctive opportunities that can catalyze growth and fortify your wealth. They are sought after for their potential to yield higher returns, offer portfolio diversification, reduce overall volatility, and provide possible tax advantages.

Boasting over 45 years of experience and managing $180 billion in client assets within alternative investments, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management stands as a beacon in this specialized field. Our clients, both individuals and institutions, are afforded privileged access to exclusive investment options, leading fund managers, and groundbreaking investment opportunities in various domains such as private equity, private credit, tangible assets, and hedge funds, setting a new standard in wealth enhancement and protection.

Investing with Purpose

This initiative allows the investor to engage the markets in a way consistent with their values, without sacrificing their financial performance, from a platform that provides a substantial selection of funds and investment opportunities aimed at furthering and supporting environmental sustainability, economic growth, and social progress.

Harmonize Your Financial Goals with Your Ethical Principles

Purposeful Investment: a full spectrum of investment possibilities designed to ensure your investments are making the biggest difference in the areas where it counts most—environment, economy, and social goals. Effective investments: our transparency of operations, through the integration of interest rates, fees, and expenses to minimize costs, brings effectiveness to your investments. The creation of a portfolio that aligns with your financial goals and reflects your values is easy with this platform. Be it for large-scale work or area-specific projects, our platform enables tailored investment. This will ensure your financial journey is penetrative and aligned with your core principles, hence providing a rich, fulfilling, and productive investment experience.

Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management

The comprehensiveness of support is crucial when it comes to delivering institutional-grade assistance for your family office. Our suite of services is designed to amalgamate specialized investment solutions with comprehensive operational aid, all tailored to elevate your life and fortify your legacy.

An Integrated Network to Empower Your Aspirations At Morgan Stanley, our extensive pool of experts is dedicated to harnessing the firm's vast resources and insights for your benefit. We collaborate closely with you, ensuring your goals are realized with precision and care. This robust ecosystem at Morgan Stanley is not just about managing wealth; it's about enhancing your financial landscape, providing a tailored approach to investment and offering operational support that aligns with your family's long-term vision and legacy aspirations.

Strategic Risk Mitigation

Strategic Risk Mitigation

Morgan Stanley has recently celebrated another win for its Portfolio Risk Platform, receiving the Aite Group’s 2021 Digital Wealth Management Impact Innovation Award. This accolade, under the category of Digital Client Engagement, applauds the firm's advanced risk management technology and analytics that support Financial Advisors in safeguarding client portfolios.

The Aite Group's awards program recognizes the remarkable efforts of wealth management firms that utilize technology to transcend traditional norms. Morgan Stanley's award highlights the platform’s ability to offer Financial Advisors innovative tools that enhance client interactions digitally, deepen client relationships, and provide a comprehensive understanding of client needs.

Developed in collaboration with BlackRock and utilizing the power of Aladdin® technology, Morgan Stanley’s Portfolio Risk Platform gives Financial Advisors robust tools to analyze risk across numerous factors and manage client portfolios more effectively, even including assets held outside the firm. This capability is pivotal for advisors looking to optimize portfolio balance and mitigate potential risks.

Chris Scott-Hansen, Managing Director and Head of Portfolio and Trading Solutions at Morgan Stanley Wealth Management expressed gratitude for the recognition, noting, "Aladdin® analytics have significantly enhanced our advisors' ability to manage client portfolios effectively, playing a crucial role in our growth and client asset consolidation."

Since its debut in 2018, the Portfolio Risk Platform has not only bolstered Morgan Stanley's digital innovation credentials but also earned it multiple industry recognitions, including awards from Money Management Institute (MMI) and Barron’s in 2019 and the Celent Model Wealth Manager 2021 Award in the Products and Platforms category.

A diverse array of investment vehicles and financial solutions is what Morgan Stanley Wealth Management is now known for, and all these products target high net-worth individuals and institutions, as well as small and medium-sized businesses around the world. These cover a broad range of services, such as brokerage and investment advice, financial planning, money management, and more.

As a global financial powerhouse, Morgan Stanley (NYSE: IC) offers a range of services covering its powerful investment banking, securities, and wealth management offerings as well as investment management operations with offices in over 41 countries to serve a wide variety of clients, both individuals and corporations.

The award from the Aite Group came after its experts had taken a needful look at transactional banking and then observed the capability of the platform in a live demonstration. Morgan Stanley impressed the judges from among the 40+ submitted teams, who scored based on competitive advantage, the potential market response, and users' experience, among other aspects. Critically, the awarding program works separately from the business and has no cash transitioning in any way, symbolizing the impartiality and virtue of the acknowledgment received by Morgan Stanley.

Resources for Family Offices

We provide a broad array of tailored resources for ultra-high net worth (UHNW) clients, covering a comprehensive range of services from trust and estate planning to family governance and wealth education. Our offerings include dedicated management for family offices and philanthropic endeavors, specialized private banking solutions, and strategic wealth planning for art and collectibles. Each service is designed to cater to the intricate and diverse needs of UHNW individuals, ensuring that every aspect of their wealth is managed with precision and foresight. Whether it’s securing a legacy or optimizing the management of unique assets, our expertise is geared toward enhancing and protecting the financial future of our clients.

Digital Security Measures

Digital Security Measures

We are fully committed to protecting your assets and personal information. Our world-class team in cybersecurity is staffed by the best professionals, from those who have been on the ground for years to leaders in governments, security agencies, and the technology sector.

Recognize Common Signs and Respond to Cyber Scams: Each common sign of an online fraudster differs with every threat, but this does not change the fact that all scammers can use a wide array of tactics in trapping their prey. Recognizing some of these common signs and familiarizing yourself with what to do if targeted will likely reduce your risks of falling victim to fraud.

Ensuring the Cybersecurity of Your Family: Some of the most delicate targets in cyberspace are children and older persons, so knowing the unique ways to keep them safe from harm is vital.

Our Commitment to Your Cyber Safety: At Morgan Stanley, we’ve established a top-tier cyber defense team internally, pulling talent from former high-ranking officials in government security and the tech industry. Our team operates tirelessly across the globe, safeguarding your digital assets and continuously monitoring for potential threats. Every login to your account is scrutinized, and any unusual or risky activity is flagged immediately to prevent and detect potential fraud.

Digital Security Incident Reporting: Where you, for example, have a reason to believe that you are being scammed or that there is an impersonation attempt on your person, or have noticed some unsuitable activity concerning your accounts, or have received communication from Morgan Stanley that you find doubtful, please get in touch with a representative from Morgan Stanley without delay. We are available 24/7 to address your concerns and ensure your security.

Guidance on Lifestyle Enhancement

Reserved Living & Giving: A Program of Distinction

Reserved Living & Giving is an exclusive, complimentary perks program available to eligible Morgan Stanley clients. This program offers more than just traditional wealth management—it’s a gateway to unique experiences, significant discounts from well-known brands, expertly curated articles from our partners and Morgan Stanley's thought leaders, and sources of philanthropic inspiration.

Membership Benefits

As a member of Reserved Living & Giving, you gain access to exceptional offers and discounts from our popular partners alongside thought-provoking content covering a broad spectrum of lifestyle and personal finance topics.

Members of the Morgan Stanley family, including E*TRADE Platinum and Private Clients, are also eligible to enjoy the benefits offered by Reserved Living & Giving.

Signature Access: Exclusive and Tailored

For clients who qualify, Signature Access connects you with a select network of professionals ready to develop customized solutions for your family’s unique needs. This includes specialized advisories in aircraft management, private health, cybersecurity, and personalized travel services exclusively available to eligible Morgan Stanley clients.

Signature Access Exclusive Offers:

  • edX: Enhance your skills with 15% off on learning programs and executive education courses.
  • Ship Sticks: Enjoy 20% off your first order, plus 10% off subsequent orders for hassle-free travel with your sports equipment.
  • BlackCloak: Protect your digital life with exclusive pricing on premier cybersecurity plans.
  • EverSafe: Start with a 30-day free trial and continue with 20% off comprehensive fraud & identity protection services.
  • Medjet: Whether due to accident, illness, or safety concerns, Medjet ensures you can get home safely. Save between 30% and 45% on these services.
  • Pre-eminent Health Care Access: PinnacleCare provides virtual consults and access to top medical directors, offering you and your family exceptional health care guidance.

Through these tailored services and exclusive benefits, Morgan Stanley continues to enrich the lives of our clients, providing unparalleled access and personalized care that goes beyond the scope of traditional financial services.

Premier Events and Networking Engagements

Morgan Stanley offers a series of world-class experiences, all designed to bring together those with shared ambition and interest who are detail-obsessed.

Exclusive cultural, sporting, and intellectual events: hosting top speakers in government, business, philanthropy, sports, and the arts field, and from among their ranks, brings together the best minds. Each event aspires to be the place where you can meet the best people and build a first-class international network that fosters lifelong relationships.

Private Wealth Management Symposium: A limited-attendance, multi-day series of small group discussions for select members of our global client base. It offers the ideal opportunity for an exchange of ideas with Morgan Stanley thought leaders and prominent guest speakers in an intimate, peer-to-peer environment. This is not just a symposium to inspire; it deepens our client's relationships with the broader Morgan Stanley community to help them maximize their experiences and networks.

Comprehensive Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Strategy Development

Comprehensive Morgan Stanley Wealth Management Strategy Development

Detailed Discovery Process

Our engagement begins with a comprehensive discovery phase where we invest significant time to understand you and your family's dynamics deeply, along with your financial landscape—including all assets, liabilities, and areas of potential risk. This foundational understanding is crucial as it informs every aspect of our strategy formulation, allowing us to tailor our services and relationship dynamics to your unique needs and preferences.

Strategic Tax, Trust, and Estate Planning

Our detailed analyses aim at both income and estate tax situations to design highly sophisticated strategies in line with your long-term objectives.

Our advanced planning techniques help reduce potential tax liabilities while ensuring your estate planning is efficient and effective in carrying out your legacy intentions.

Personalized Strategic Asset Allocation

This is a customized asset allocation that reflects an in-depth understanding of your risk tolerance, recognizing potential opportunities and, above all, keeping an eye on the impact of taxation for entities and jurisdictions. This strategic allocation is integrated with your overall investment and estate plans in a coordinated way, all tailored and working together for one common objective: achieving your life goals.

Integration of Tactical Asset Allocation

We propose additional tactical asset allocation strategies that exploit the inefficiency in the market over the short run. We research these strategies before their implementation to ensure that the taxation assessment on returns and the cost of trading do not in any way impact the expected return. Every decision strengthens your portfolio in light of the achievement of your financial goal.

Comprehensive Implementation of Wealth Strategy

The implementation of your customized wealth strategy includes extensive due diligence and detailed analysis within a multi-market scenario of expected outcomes.

This rigorous process ensures that the right strategies are selected from our broad-based investment platform, each chosen to be robust under all market conditions and in line with your risk profile.

Ongoing Strategic Assessment

Working with your extended advisory team, we complete ongoing assessments and provide detailed reporting of activity within your portfolio. This ongoing monitoring and adjustment are key to you having an effective response in relation to market or financial changes and changes in your circumstances or those of your family. This will ensure that the investment plan is on track with the continued objectives and should provide enough room for safe and assured wealth over the long term.

The Associate Program in Private Wealth Management

The Associate Program in Private Wealth Management

Morgan Stanley caters to its ultra-high net worth (UHNW) client segment through its Private Wealth Management (PWM) Division. For over four decades, PWM has met the most demanding and complex financial requirements of the world's wealthiest individuals and families and their foundations. PWM is anchored in a culture of excellence and informed by international perspectives, assisting its clients in securing and multiplying their financial, generational, and philanthropic wealth. To achieve this, UHNW clients require Private Wealth Advisors (PWAs) who are highly trained and knowledgeable.

Training Initiative

Training Initiative

At the heart of Morgan Stanley is the Private Wealth Advisor Associate (PWAA) Program, a three-year, intensive initiative designed to equip the next generation of Private Wealth Advisors (PWAs) with the skills and knowledge required to serve UHNW individuals. The course is thorough and touches on the tools and strategies required for building a clientele among the wealthy. PWAs benefit from individually tailored learning, working with some of the best experts in all Morgan Stanley departments to master cutting-edge financial products and services within the firm.

As participants in this rigorous program, PWAAs become integral members of established teams from day one. They are expected to balance supporting their team's needs with completing their training and initiating their client relationships. After completing the program, graduates are fully prepared to transition into the role of PWAs, using their refined expertise to offer bespoke financial solutions and sophisticated investment strategies to their clients.

The training format blends both in-person and virtual learning environments, maximizing engagement and flexibility. Program participants will have the opportunity to:

  • Acquire deep knowledge of Morgan Stanley’s platform, including its diverse products and innovative solutions.
  • Receive specialized coaching from renowned third-party consultants to refine their advisory skills.
  • Engage in extensive networking with established PWAs, peer mentors, product support teams, risk and service teams, and desk representatives across the firm.
  • Learn to utilize family office resources: wealth strategies, trust and estate planning, family governance, wealth education, and philanthropy management.
  • Contribute to either team-based or individual projects that encompass a series of practical experiences, from portfolio management and business plan development to pitching to mock clients and identifying viable prospects.

This robust program is designed not only to build foundational knowledge but also to foster practical skills and networking opportunities that are crucial for a successful career in private wealth management.

Certification & Credential Requirements

Certification & Credential Requirements

Any student entering the program is required to have taken and passed the examination required for entry into the program, called Securities Industry Essentials (SIE), which is basic in the securities industry. This requirement ensures all participants joining the program have basic knowledge of the operation and structure of the securities industry.

Students should obtain the Series 7 and Series 66 licenses by the first or the second month of this program. These certifications are essential to practice in the U.S. securities industry, providing investment advice to clients. Early licensing in this area is part of the preparation for candidates to conduct hands-on management of client portfolios and investment strategies.

The participants then receive an insurance license issued by their employer. To further enhance their expertise, external specialists are brought in to provide targeted training tailored to the specific needs of each team. This specialized training can lead to various professional qualifications such as Chartered Investment Management Analyst (CIMA), Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA), Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) Level 1, Certified Equity Professional (CEP), or Certified Financial Planner (CFP). These certifications systematically enhance an advisor's skills and knowledge, equipping them to meet the wide-ranging demands of their clients effectively.

Additionally, participants can aim for the internal designation of Family Wealth Director. The internal title for an advisor who has become quite expert at handling the complex needs of high-net-worth families, from estate planning to philanthropy management. The award marks the participant's knowledge depth and commitment to offering high-level wealth management services.

Abilities & Qualifications

Abilities & Qualifications

The PWAA must have excellent listening and communication skills, both verbal and written. The role is about dealing with clients and other Advisors, so the ability to communicate information clearly and effectively is paramount. They need to be adept at handling the multifaceted financial scenarios that clients present, using their problem-solving capabilities and an analytical mind.

This means that in service delivery, integrity is highly valued. It entails a high commitment to ethical standards, placing the needs of the client first in every situation.

The position requires qualities such as cooperation and leadership. The candidate is expected to have a proven record of being a team player while leading others through personal example. This includes establishing a spirit of partnership and cooperation to accomplish shared aims.

Self-confidence is another critical quality, empowering the individual to take initiative and proactively manage both Advisor and client needs as they arise. This proactive approach is essential for maintaining client trust and satisfaction.

Superb interpersonal skills are necessary to create and establish a good rapport with the client. Engaging with the client on a personal level allows the client to feel appreciated and understood.

The person will need to deliver quality work at all times, even under tight deadlines and pressure, by putting tasks in the proper priority.

A bachelor's degree is required for this position. An MBA or equivalent work experience of 3–5 years is preferred, providing a solid foundation of business acumen and advanced problem-solving skills.

The Recruitment Process is Divided into Four Stages

The Recruitment Process is Divided into Four Stages

Stage 1

A comprehensive employment application and resume are starting points for the recruitment process, followed by two online assessments that help identify suitability and skill sets. These are meant to measure problem-solving skills, cognitive abilities, and other possible relevant personality traits. This is a first filter where personality traits are taken into account before finally deciding on the candidates who have the basic skills and qualities required for the task.

Stage 2

Once the application materials and assessment results are in, the Talent Acquisition team meticulously reviews them to determine if the candidate's qualifications align with the job requirements. If the initial evaluation is positive, the team schedules a phone screening. This conversation aims to further assess the candidate's communication skills and professional background. Following a successful phone screening, the candidate is asked to complete a digital interview, allowing them to elaborate on their experiences and qualifications in a more flexible format. The Talent Acquisition team reviews this digital submission to decide whether the candidate should move on to the more intensive next phase.

Stage 3

This is the point where the face-to-face interviews between the candidate and local management team members occur. They are meant to delve further into the skills of the candidate, assess the cultural fit to the role and organization, and get to know how the candidate would express their professionalism and solve problems.

Following the interviews, the candidate is asked to create a business plan. The purpose of this exercise is to measure the candidate's ability to think strategically, plan effectively, and align a vision with the company's objectives. The management team will look at this plan to evaluate how it would affect the company. If a go-ahead is given to the business plan, the candidate is invited for a second round of interviews, where the focus is on cementing the management's confidence in the capabilities of the candidate.

Stage 4

The last stage consists of a complete assessment, by the local management team, of the information and impressions gathered from the previous steps, which determines whether the individual matches the position in terms of responsibility and the company's requirements. Should the decision be favorable, an offer of employment is made, which will be conditional upon a background check being done. This check is essential to ensure due diligence in order to verify that the information given by the candidate is factual and does not present any legal or ethical issues. The candidate is introduced to the company officially only after the background checks are cleared, thus ensuring the safety and integrity of the company and its employees.

Frequently Asked Questions

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This service is available for Morgan Stanley Private Wealth Management customers having investments worth $5 million or more. The service offers individualized attention in support of customers' capacity to help manage their financial portfolio for growth through personalized advice to meet individual investment strategies based on needs.

A person who holds liquid assets that exceed $1 million. Ultra-high-net-worth individuals are those who have a net worth above $30 million. Their money management and investment issues are unique and require financial services crafted accordingly.

Morgan Stanley Financial Advisors offers the comprehensive, tailored financial advice and strategies that individuals require to achieve their financial goals, either personally or for their business. They are backed by broad financial services industry experience and innovation in delivering full-service solutions for investment wealth management and other financial needs.

Morgan Stanley's trusted advisors are essential in guiding investors through the complex financial market. They are trained to build strong one-to-one relationships with customers by understanding all the financial goals of the individual, their circumstances, and other details. These advisors leverage the vast and unmatched resources of Morgan Stanley and the most current research to make sure that their advice and strategies are customized and aimed at making informed decisions to achieve investment goals.

Whether you want to increase your wealth, make risk-averse management decisions, or prepare a retirement plan, the advisors at Morgan Stanley stand by as committed partners in your financial journey.

Morgan Stanley offers a full range of integrated tax planning options to minimize your tax liabilities and fully meet your tax-efficient investment goals. This approach includes analyzing the various tax consequences of investment decisions, estate planning, and charitable giving—positioning you to keep more of your wealth and meet your financial objectives. Financial Advisors from Morgan Stanley come with resources and knowledge to tailor tax strategies not only to meet your short- and long-term goals but also to make your investments as tax-efficient as possible.

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