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Searching for a “financial planner near me” means you have made a proactive decision to strengthen your financial situation. Whether you’re seeking help to fine-tune your investment portfolio, solidify your savings, or create a comprehensive financial plan, a local financial planner is the professional to turn to. This article provides insight into how to find a financial planner. Take this journey in search of the most fitting personal financial advisor to partner with you in your quest for financial stability and growth.

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How Pillar's High Net Worth Financial Planning Process Is Different
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Founder & Managing Member Pillar Wealth Management
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Table of Contents

Find a Financial Advisor Near You

Find a Financial Advisor Near You

You can be matched to a financial advisor at no cost through a service that links you to the best advisors. These services can be helpful when looking for a virtual advisor or one in your area. By searching for “financial advisor near me” with any search engine, the most probable result would be an exhaustive list of the services in your area. It’s prudent to shortlist a few firms for a preliminary discussion.

It is essential that the right advisor for you matches your goals and can achieve them through their expertise. You’ll want to check the background of the firm or advisor and get a clear understanding of their fee structure. If that sounds like an overwhelming task, you can seek the guidance of a matching service that helps people like yourself find a good, fitting financial advisor. The other great way is with a robo-advisor.

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Why Work with a Financial Advisor Near You?

Why Work with a Financial Advisor Near You

In a world where digital communication reigns, the value of face-to-face interaction is immeasurable, especially in a financial advisory relationship. Interacting with a financial advisor in your physical location has another advantage—it becomes possible to have an in-person relationship, meaning you understand more about the character and personality of the advisor, helping lay a foundation for deeper trust and cooperation.

Using a local financial advisor is like shopping from local outlets or farmers' markets to support and grow your local economy. Utilizing a local financial advisor assures the money put in circulation within the community goes to its financial expertise, strengthening its economic base.

You can also benefit from the local financial advisor’s professional network. A financial advisor will likely have contacts with other local professionals, such as estate-planning attorneys, certified public accountants (CPAs), and mortgage lenders. Working with these relationships, your advisor will be able to put together a team with sufficient expertise to provide the support you need in each area of your financial journey. This holistic approach will ensure all the bases in your financial plan are harmonized to establish a streamlined and effective path toward your financial objectives.

Tips for Finding Financial Advisors Near You

Tips for Finding Financial Advisors Near You

Utilize an Online Virtual Financial Advisor Matching App

It may take a while to find the one financial advisor who makes all the difference. Luckily, to ensure that you are assigned to an advisor, without charge, digital platforms have you covered because they connect you to local financial advisors. Moreover, they collaborate with certified advisors, so you can be assured that any advisor on this platform is thoroughly vetted.

Upon registering, you'll likely be prompted to complete a questionnaire. This step is crucial as it helps the service gauge your financial needs and preferences, enabling it to match you with advisors best suited to your financial goals and budget constraints.

Below are four top-tier financial advisor matching services, each boasting an extensive network that includes financial advisors, planners, Certified Financial Planners (CFPs), and other financial experts throughout the United States.

Zoe Financial

Zoe connects you to an expert advisor who, for example, is a Certified Financial Planner, Certified Public Accountant, or Chartered Financial Analyst. Some advisors on Zoe offer tax planning services. Advisory fees charged by Zoe’s recommended network are usually 0.5% to 1.5% per year of the value of the managed assets. The first consultation with Zoe is free.

Harness Wealth

Only fiduciaries are included as advisory firms on Harness Wealth, meaning they are bound to work in the best interest of their clients. The platform includes financial advisors who are CFPs, CFAs, or CPAs, and tax attorneys. Advisors on the Harness network typically charge fees close to 1% of the value of the assets managed. In addition, Harness offers flat-fee options for certain services, such as building a financial plan or tax preparation and filing.


Wealthramp provides a selection of carefully screened fiduciary advisors. Interested individuals complete a digital questionnaire and are paired with up to three advisors. Following this assignment, clients can examine the advisors' profiles and choose to arrange a complimentary initial consultation via phone, Zoom, chat, or s face-to-face meeting. Wealthramp diligently aligns clients with advisors based on particular needs or preferences, such as locality or specific advisor characteristics. For instance, if you prefer to collaborate with a female advisor, Wealthramp accommodates such filtering options.


Facet allows clients to engage with an extensive pool of its fiduciary Certified Financial Planners (CFPs), who are equipped to assist with various financial needs, including financial and retirement planning, tax strategies, and insurance. A standout feature of this advisory firm is its flat-fee pricing structure, allowing clients to collaborate with a financial advisor to achieve a specific goal, conclude at a designated milestone, and pay a fixed fee for the service, instead of a percentage of assets under management. Facet's financial advisors conduct their consultations exclusively online.

Leverage the CFP Board Web Presence

The CFP Board goes the extra mile for the industry by providing the criteria and standards for the CFP certification, which is an extraordinary service for the industry. Beginner CFP candidates must prove their skills through an extensive test, which requires knowledge of all aspects of financial planning. Moreover, they must have a particular level of professional experience to satisfy the length of service qualification.

You can use the CFP Board's website to find a certified advisor by applying filters based on different parameters, such as types of planning services, client specialization, and language preferences.

Explore Organizations for Professional Financial Advisors

Explore Organizations for Professional Financial Advisors

Find the appropriate advisor for you through leading national and local associations or organizations dedicated to financial planning.

The Financial Planning Association (FPA)

The public can use the FPA's database as a resource; it does not charge fees, provided you are looking for a registered financial planner in your local region. It has a location tool suggesting certified financial planners by their office address.

Association of African American Financial Advisors (AAAA)

The AAAA is a non-profit organization that belongs to the MBCC, which focuses on offering support through professional advice to Black investors who seek to make their wealth last for future generations. If you’re looking for a personal financial counselor who comprehends a Black person's particular financial needs and preferences, you will find them in the advisor directory on the website.

The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors (NAPFA)

NAPFA’s entrance on the American scene was a significant moment for over 4,400 financial planners and advisors nationwide. Generally, NAPFA member fiduciaries adhere to a high code of ethics so that as the customer, you receive the best financial advice at all times.

Engage with a Network for Financial Planning

Engage with a Network for Financial Planning

The Garrett Planning Network

Advisors in the Garrett Planning Network are required to be fee-only and provide financial planning services either hourly or as needed. They must be readily available, possess or be in pursuit of a CFP, CPA, or PFS credential, and commit to a fiduciary oath.

XY Planning Network

All advisors in the XY Planning Network offer their services remotely and are CFP certified, operating on a non-commission basis to ensure unbiased financial guidance.


Serving Black, Hispanic, and Latinx clients, CHIP aspires to connect clients with Black and Latinx financial professionals locally or through virtual matching. The firm also has expert financial advisors from all types of backgrounds, including estate planning, tax strategies, and comprehensive financial planning.

Explore the World of Robo-Advisors

Robo-advisors represent a revolutionary surge in the technology of managing investments, offering automated investment management services. They cater to those who need investment management services but do not need the highly personalized advice offered by traditional human financial advisors.

Notably, the cost of using a robo-advisor is way lower than the amount charged when conversing with a live, conventional, human financial advisor, whose fees average 1.00–2.00%. Moreover, some robo-advisors accommodate added services, like consulting with human financial advisors in case of some complex query or decision, and integrate banking services, providing a full-spectrum ecosystem for managing one's finances.

Seek Personal Recommendations

Get recommendations from friends, family, and other sources in whom you have confidence as you look for a financial advisor. Most people have enduring relationships with their financial advisors. The most remarkable sign of reliability and credibility of an advisor is when one has been consulting the same advisor for ten years and is happy with the service, even for the most troublesome customer.

Finding a Remote Financial Advisor

Finding a Remote Financial Advisor

Considering an online service could be a strategic move if a suitable financial advisor is elusive in your locality. Many digital platforms facilitate easy connections through videoconferencing, allowing seamless virtual interactions.

Virtual financial advisors often offer competitive pricing, with some charging management fees as low as 0.30% or 0.40% of the managed assets. These more affordable options typically provide investment management and access to a collective of advisors, instead of one-on-one dedicated advisory services.

Moreover, many online financial planning software platforms parallel traditional face-to-face advisors' offerings. They cover a broad scope of services, from retirement planning, education savings planning, home purchase strategies, estate planning, and investment management.

Furthermore, some virtual counselors offer tax training and preparation and can provide extra assistance, improving efficiency and convenience.

Local Financial Advisor Selection: Key Points to Note

Local Financial Advisor Selection

Suppose your option is to have face-to-face customer interactions within your community, through an independent search. In that case, you can follow this step-by-step strategy to find your advisor.

Identify Your Required Services

Certifications by financial advisors usually prove they know how to provide the services you need, so clarifying what you need regarding the financial advice you seek is beneficial. Determine whether your needs include estate planning, tax consultation, and beneficiary management. If investment management is your cup of tea, hiring a robo-advisor or deciding to do it yourself might be your way forward.

Confirm the Advisor's Credentials

Before your first meeting with an advisor, you should do your research and verify their status. The label “financial advisor” is a general term and can be applied broadly to anyone. You can contact a Certified Financial Planner for financial planning or a Certified Public Accountant for tax services or specialist expert assistance. Verify on the licensing authority's website whether the qualifications are accurate and whether the advisor can provide sound advice.

Come Prepared with Questions

Interviewing the advisor is a safety measure to be entirely sure of the decision made. A financial plan is an instrument that helps shape clients' saving activities in a financially meaningful way and contributes to maintaining a long-term, meaningful relationship with the financial planner. Therefore, the advisor’s personality should be a comfortable match for you. When talking with this professional, you should feel confident about your financial knowledge.

Sharing the Advisor's Fee Structure

Ultimately, a financial advisor provides a service for which they are compensated. It's important to be comfortable with their fees and to have a clear understanding of their fee structure. While many conventional advisors levy a fee based on a percentage of the assets they manage, often around 1%, others may opt for flat fees. Ensure that the payment terms align with your expectations, financial planning goals, and budget.

Wrapping up, finding the right financial advisor is a crucial step toward securing your financial future. Whether you use a local advisor, a virtual platform, or a robo-advisor, see that their views are compatible with yours regarding your financial goals and objectives. You can establish a partnership that fosters trust and financial growth by diligently vetting their credentials, understanding their fee structure, and ensuring a good rapport. Consequently, you must choose a planner whose job is to advise and whose philosophy aligns with your vision of the future. This choice will be the basis for a strong financial relationship.

Clients have the opportunity to talk to the advisor face-to-face and maintain a personalized and trust-based relationship. Local companies may be more knowledgeable about the region's economic situation and leverage their network of other local professionals and businesses.

Fee-only financial planners are advisors who receive direct payment from their clients for financial services without commissions or referral fees for selling them financial products. This structure is intended to be primarily free from conflicts of interest and more aligned with clients' well-being or quality of life.

You should bring financial documents such as tax returns, income statements, expense records, investment statements, insurance policies, and estate planning documents. This information will, in turn, show your advisor the overall picture of your financial status, which will help them to provide tailored advice.

Areas of financial services include banking, mortgage lending, credit card issuance, payment services, preparing and planning taxes, accounting, and investments.

A finding by Vanguard, a mutual fund company, found that advisors, on average, can improve their clients' net investment return by at least 3% by selecting cost-effective investments, providing behavioral mentorship, and more. Nevertheless, personal advice from a specialized practitioner isn’t a commodity that should be bought without much thought.

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