I highly recommend Pillar Wealth Management

At 51, I lost my husband to cancer. We owned our own business, so the loss of considerable income at his death was a magnificent hardship. In addition, a significant personal investment became insolvent, causing the loss of millions. A happy, comfortable, and financially-secure life was gone in an instant. My home and a few other assets, was all I had left. Upon the sale of my home, a good friend referred me to Hutch and Chris at Pillar Wealth Management. That was the moment that changed everything.

Not only did Chris help me emotionally through a life-altering time, his gentle guidance assisted me in investing the proceeds of my home and gaining additional capital through the sale of personal possessions. I was able to purchase a new home and still have enough for a substantial investment with Pillar Wealth. I have been with these fine, trustworthy financial advisors for 10 years now, living on that growing investment with Chris’s wise counsel. I am pleased to report that I, once again, live a comfortable and financially secure-life today. I highly recommend Pillar Wealth Management.

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